What is a Tattoo's Meaning? [Requested Video]

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  • yourvagismysafespace reply Once upon a time in America only military & bikers(many were exmilitary) had them. Then truckers (and many of them were exmilitary and/or bikers), prisoners, & rockers began getting inked. & Rock fans followed suit. Rappers who use DOC style of clothing also began sporting locked down inspired ink. Now that it has become so mainstream (high school girls being sleeved) that there are tv shows devoted to tattoos, it has lost the uniqueness that it once carried. There's a comedian who does a bit about if you're over 40 & covered in tattoos you're scary, but if you're under 30 & covered you're not.
  • spitty reply Interesting point about the sublime. I used to get vertigo staring up into the daytime sky when I was a kid. At some point though something changed and I no longer get this vertigo effect. I wonder why?
  • [ – ] Vathek reply Good video. I have been somewhat against tattoos for a while, mainly because I saw them as a sign of wanton rebellion. While not changing my opinion on the subject, this was still an interesting perspective I had not thought about.
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