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  • iJimUK reply Meh, you know what, it's your channel. You do what makes you happy. Yeah I get if you started to rely on YouTube as a living then your going to have to rely on sponsored videos now that YouTube is messing people about..don't sweat it dude 😁
  • iMissTooMuch reply I like the new shit. Rock on, dude.
  • ThoseFreakinGuys reply hey man I love it
  • ThoseFreakinGuys reply hey man I love it
  • MikaelFRDuarte reply #portugaliswhatchingyou XD
  • MikaelFRDuarte reply Just do what you love we'll be here for you man
  • MikaelFRDuarte reply I always loved youre videos dude
  • Insaninator9000 reply My advice is to treat your viewers like your customers. Give them what they want but still diversify your content. And never war with your audience. Good shit man, keep it up.
  • TwoCatsYelling reply I love the reaction videos, and the other stuff. It's entertaining, and you're obviously having fun with it. If mixing things up and doing different things is what keeps this enjoyable to you, and helps keep it from getting old, then I say do it.
  • DarkHunter132 reply Well hey man, shit happens and changes. You can't compare a diverse channel like Jared Dines to something as mundane as pewdiepie. You can't keep saying older is better. Just watch the newest series of south park if you don't understand what I mean.
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