MGTOW Is Powerful

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  • KevinXY1989 reply Men have a RIGHT TO EXIST!!
  • nosebeep reply AM, I always appreciate your fascinating insights and predictions. I am a robust senior citizen with little internet interaction beyond very basic, which is still plenty. For me, even small tidbits of info about internet platforms is appreciated, even for stuff most people might take for granted. It helps with context.
  • [ – ] revwinnebago reply Chased off YouTube for threatening another man's child. Stop following this cult leader.
  • wetz007 reply Fuck yes angry signed up to vid me for your content
  • Kiruna reply Us men have no choice, we have to walk. like everyone should when in an abusive relationship. It is the only effect solution. Since it us men who are the ones who keep a nation running, we do hold all the cards. I wonder when the first round of female privileged, free government hand outs, is going to be removed here in usa.
  • jp9605 reply MGTOW is truly amazing not only because we depart from women, but because we see through the government using marriage as legal prostitution and a third party contract. I am a virgin and proud of it. Guys like me are very rare, I may be worth billions in the economics of these feminazis' shitty system. Give me the billions and I would pay a few million to buy up stocks to buy off psychiatric institutions and have these demented bitches strapped in straight jackets. MGTOW rules!!!
  • PhoenixRising reply MRA's have shamed us so damn much... Fuck. But still...if these men see the light and come to MGTOW it's a beautiful thing. But I will never be in their agenda. Ever. MGTOW and truth, thats all for me.
  • Sebastian_Dangerfield reply Paul Elam has already admitted that the MRA's have failed to make any changes in the laws. Most MRAs have resigned themselves to a MGTOW way of life.
  • RPGenius reply SJWs and the Alt Right both feel threatened by MGTOW, that should tell you how powerful it is
  • Crravity reply MGTOW ith powerfthul
  • GoMGTOW reply I wholly concur. What we are witnessing here is a MGTOW exodus to Vidme. I hope others like TFM, MGTOW 101, and others find a home and an audience on Vidme as well.... We have an opportunity to show that MGTOW is an unstoppable force, we are waiting for you brothers.
  • Insidio reply Gives You Wings - MGTOW 🌟
  • arkavi2 reply ...too much powerful .
  • scientiaestpotentia reply Thanks for this man. You give me hope! Now Follow me Man.
  • [ – ] Torok0420 reply Remember When Females Were More Female .... Aaa Those Were The Days
  • MeMadMax reply See... Told ya you should come to VIDME man(that one live stream we talked sorta lol)
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