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  • karanstyle reply In my opinion with a large phablets these days the Windows Phone's Panoramic design is way better than iOS's and Andorids tabular design with a hamburger menu up top which is very hard to reach for and at times phones slip off and touch the ground.. Bad approach and not good to use with one hand. Whereas with current WP8,1 OS UX we can easily navigate around in panoramic view even in a phablet with just one hand and have a 3 dot (...) menu at bottom right that reveals more options. (=,=) I already hate the stupid ellipse toggle/Switch buttons & Circular contact madness in Windows 10 for Phones. Microsoft may better hire the same guy back at any cost who designed the lovely looking WP7 then smaller tiles in WP8 and Lovely parallax Start Screen wallpaper which felt as if I'm really walking by Windows.
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