The Clintons and Their Canadian Connections

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  • fast07wrxtr reply I think the humanitarian thing is just a big dog n pony show masquerading as "help," but in reality is just a big tax dodge. There's a decent one on netflix about it: Poverty Inc The clintons also passed the whole 3 strikes/mandatory minimums that led to for profit prisons and took power away from judges to use discretion. It just seems like gov't likes to let a problem go from bad to worse, THEN the solution is always a short sighted one with longterm 'unforeseen' consequences whereby a few insiders benefit while the problem is rarely fixed.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply This is all on purpose, as many of those that stood against tyrannical government rule created these statues and monuments to ensure that we didn't forget their mistakes and struggles for freedom and equality. These mobs are playing into the desire of evil people by destroying these monuments. With out them, history good or bad, is just a collection of fables with little substance and can easily be dismissed. These Monuments serve to spark the curiosity of future generations and the young of today. Removing artifacts only serves to hasten the fact that too many of us, have little or NO understanding of the past and the importance of many of these events. How does one give warning too future generations by creating a physical reminder a monument a message that can't be imparted completely in just a book. If everything is reduced to dust or forgotten in some basement, in our zeal to censor history are we also destroying the reminder of why we find these images repulsive or inspiring. I...moref you erase the villain then there is NO hero and NOTHING to champion. Those that wish too enslave humanity know all too well that removing and destroying the past also destroys inspiration too stand against future tyrants. Whether you think a monument is Good or bad, when it's gone and is a crime against future generations that have every right too a physical connection too the past. See this for what it is, your destroying the inspiration of future generations, and severing their connection with the past. This is a dangerous trend that if NOT stopped will ensure that destroying connections to the past become routine. These actions will lay heavy on future generations as they are sure too continue this trend of destroying or removing everything that offends them. This is a real danger to future generations as the message in this famous quote. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. If you wish to reprint this too a larger audience you have my permission. Just say the author whishes to stay anonymous or use ClimatePonziLie
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