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  • [ – ] awellplacedgrenade2 reply Good video. Good personality. Keep it up man, best of luck
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Nope i didnt fail....i don't know any of them.
  • [ – ] thenewalfmonster68 reply Thank you for following me I follow you back. :)
  • [ – ] droberts36 reply Even us old people that grew up on ( and are still loyal to) classic rock , that know absolutely none of these new songs find you to be endearing and enjoyable to watch! Keep it up! For fun, you should do an old people challenge, and test your knowledge in different or older genres of music. (One show on 80's music, one on classic, one on golden oldies 😂). I think it would be fun/ funny for all audience and you to play along and post results.
    • droberts36 parent reply This may be better to be with guessing the song and guessing the artist than with a single along.
    • MaximVB parent reply Thank you! I'm glad you do! :D That's definitely a good idea which I may do sometime! To be honest, I don't think I'd get any but who knows haha. I can't know without trying! 😁
  • thy_koosk reply I would have an easy time with this sadly... I'm very unhip
  • [ – ] CreatorsThinkingCritically reply Well the "Work" song is easy to remember since she repeats it a million times Nice to meet you on Vidme MaximVB. I like your thumbnail frames.
    • MaximVB parent reply Exactly 😂 To be honest, most choruses repeat the song name over and over haha. And thank you, nice to meet you too!
  • [ – ] GHondo reply This was very easy to pass for me. I guess that's the one advantage of being old & out of touch - I didn't recognize a single one of these, and thus, felt absolutely no pressure. I can see how it would've been hard for you, though, since you were obviously quite familiar with most of them. Good try, though, mate! :)
  • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall reply Idk any of these songs. Lol. How about some Blink?
  • [ – ] XhoXhuXhamen reply Keep making videos. You may end up being the first VidMe millionaire!
  • [ – ] XhoXhuXhamen reply Since I don't know any of the 'music' you are playing I have no trouble not singing along. Why not play Sweet Home Alabama and I'll give it another try!
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