Stop Complaining and DO Something!

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  • [ – ] kernowLifeMix reply A lot of them moan so much and refuse to change platforms because they don't think it'll be as easy...
  • [ – ] LeonLaGrey reply I am doing same just with you for some reason people just like to complain. Hell! I haven't upload a video on YT in weeks, If people wanted to....then UPLOAD GO OVER to or Bitchute just like I have I use to like Computing Forever with the Tech videos he done in the past, now his content is more political than technology. I had my complains too since recently my videos got hit. I don't want to continue to whine like the Big YouTubers. Best advice....starve the beast and don't continue to use any of its service. BitChute has over 10,000 users in the sites the service itself isn't perfect but use it anyhow and if there's an issue report it to the developers for feedback that way it can improve on the service that way you have a better video hosting provider. Last thing for the daily stormer crew I thought it was STUPID IDEA for them to upload their site on Google Domain, BAD IDEA for them not to do it! Best thing they could have done is look for a independent web service p...morerovider. smh.
    • [ – ] ElegantHarridan parent reply Tell me about it Leon! Why did they think handing anything at all over to Google was a good idea? WTF seriously? Sweet Jesus people need to be smarter!
      • [ – ] LeonLaGrey parent reply I know it, so many stupid people out there, you'd think they would have learned on what happen to ad-crisis from early this year. But nope! I use an independent hosting provider for my site call and works well, only thing I don't when the hosting provider is down due to server maintenances, but overall great.
  • [ – ] Leadhead reply Great vid, they should get their ass off YT and move to alternatives.
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