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  • ClimatePonziLie reply The main stream media is still running the show and Trump is still responding too their propaganda. Now I will explain what I am talking about. The main stream liberal media demanded that Trump denounce Right Wing groups that were at Charlottesville VA. The problem is that the main stream media is deliberately selective in it's PROGNOSIS and only singles out far right groups. Trump NEEDS TOO take the narrative back and denounced the FAR LEFT radical groups like, (1) ANTIFA and the (2) Muslim Brotherhood FOREMOST!!!!!! Then the EXACT same number of Right wing groups should be named ensuring a balanced announcement and pronouncement. This should have been followed up with the mayor of Charlottesville seems too be unable to maintain law and order and has failed the citizens of his city. Trump needs to hire some speech writers that are competent and can take back the narrative from the main stream media. As I said Trump just played into the main stream narrative and denounced groups ide...morentified by the media agenda. IT'S TIME too IMMEDIATELY find competent writers that won't play into the main stream media's narrative. Trump writers could even include into his speech this statement. ( I won't play into the narrative of the main stream media, as there were many far left groups inciting violence at Charlottesville VA such as ANTIFA, The Muslim Brotherhood, and the Communist party.) I am not a professional speech writer or even trained in speech writing but, I know that Trumps team could come up with better speeches that make the media accountable to report the Truth. In the speech say that your issuing a warning too ANTIFA that if they keep inciting violent protest you will instruct a full investigation of them by the FBI. Take back the narrative from the fake news.
  • [ – ] Texastom reply i live in the soithern part of the US, and i assure you that there is a very small minority of people that actively/openly spout racist rhetoric. i beleive what the Chatlottesville protest was about , was the erasing of AMERICAN history. by the removal of historic statues and monuments. erasing those will not change the history of our country, and as usual those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  • 3oddbits reply As posted on another channel ( by me ) : This whole mess was a setup by the American Political Left. Look at UC Berkley and how it played out ... LEO's told to stand down / disappear. Ditto. This time Antifa had the open support of the State Governor and City Mayor. Look at the state / city leadership in every state this has happened in ... lead by the Left. The politicians need to start suffering the consequences of their actions and rhetoric.
  • ExanimisRex reply I am sad to say that I believe that the left have carried this too far, it's too late to stop the war that is coming to America.
  • vanners reply If the police do their job, the people don't have to take matters into their own hands.
  • Nicodemous52 reply I'm not alt-right, and I can't speak for how they are in England. But here in the US, I'd be willing to bet most of them don't hate you. Over here it seems to be more about preserving the white race than anything else. Making sure we don't become a minority. I'll admit, I almost got lured in by the alt-right before it even had a name. But I was able to see it for what it was and walked away from it. I'm somewhat sympathetic to them, but ultimately it is just more identity politics and that is what has brought us here in the first place. More gas on the fire isn't going to help put it out.
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