Walt Disney Recycled Animation Scenes #1

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  • rossy98 reply basically all I'm getting is that robin hood (1973) was a master scene thief. :D
  • duffy reply everything i know is a lie :/
  • fallout51 reply No idea how someone noticed this but I'm impressed
  • FridaMercury reply Robin hood= Steal from the wealthy and give to the needy. Checks out lol!!
  • WebNoob reply lazy bastards
  • Iwerks48 reply Hey, Wolfgang was one of the "Nine Old Men" too. He was just trying to do they best they could under the time and budget constraints they had. Orders came from higher up than him.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply Rely on Wolfgang Reitherman to ruin the legacy that Walt Disney, his wife Lillian, Roy, Milt Kahl, Bill Tytla, Marc Davis, Norm Ferguson, Ward Kimball, John Lounsberry, Wilfred Jackson, Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas, Les Clark, Eric Larson, Walt Kelly, Jr of Pogo Fame, Jack Kinney, Cliff Nordberg, Pinto Colvig, Clarence Nash, Joe Grant, Dick Huemer, Sid Marcus, Sterling Holloway, Corny Cole, Ub Iwerks, Hugh Harman, Rudolf Ising, Friz Freleng, and himself built all those decades ago. To be fair, it's not all his fault. (Kudos to anyone who knows all those men and women are.)
  • joeryco reply Cool vid! But 1937??? 👀
  • kallelfgobo reply https://youtu.be/ewHkZFQaPvQ
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