Islam and Friends Deliver Messages of Peace

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Islam delivered another message today in England May 23, 2017 at least 20 dead and 50 more injured. This is the second attack in England in less than a month. Previously the car attacker killed people on the bride on his way to the parliament building. Not to forget this isn't the first ISLAMIC attack on a concert in Europe. Now Trudeau wants to make it so terrorist can't be deported. Trudeau has been see praying at some of the most extremist Mosques.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Arab league of nations have banned together to pass ruling, to attack Israel. The UN has been used to promote ISLAMIC blasphemy laws. The UN hasn't done what it promised to do. UN condemning "defamation of religion". The motions, sponsored on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), now known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, sought to prohibit expression. Now the UN wants to create a TAX on Carbon, the UN is corrupt and the USA should get rid of it. The Parliament of the EU is trying to act as another Globalist legions of doom promoting the Globalist agendas by an unelected Dictatorship called the parliament of the EU.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The main stream media is the weapon of Brainwashing for the Globalist. Trump claimed rightly that he ran against CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Hollywood, Disney, and the Globalist Controlled mainstream media is NO different in approach the Kim Jung Um. The CBC propaganda machine has been active since the time of the first Trudeau. The Multi-culture Marxist propaganda network started to brainwash Canadians during that time. They never present any real news, They only play clips then the Report give us the Globalist interpretation of what to think. They present every story with a Globalist twist to it. These reporters do the thinking for most Canadians, as they know if they showed the entire clip we will see the truth of what was said. Canadians have grown accustomed to this form of NEWS {Propaganda} as the CBC has become the weapon of all levels of Government in Canada. Trudeau said how much he loves dictators, so he went out of his way to pass Bill M-103. The ISLAMOPHOBIA Sharia Law that any criti...morecism of ISLAM is a criminal offence. Remember Charlie Hedbo, Trudeau is a Globalist.
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