Free Speech Fight Back - An Uncensorable Platform

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  • [ – ] BruceShepard1970 reply Welcome to Vidme. No more YouTube oppression and demonitization. :D
    • Gh_Hg parent reply Glad to be here! Praise Kek
  • [ – ] tmnsoon reply Hey Dave, please consider making your content available in podcast form like Stefan does -- it's much more convenient for a lot of people to be able to listen while driving, commuting, exercising or doing housework as opposed to sitting down and watching a video. Thanks!
    • [ – ] MikeTheMugger parent reply I second this! And also, I usually make it a point to put my own podcast in audio-only format on soundcloud too! It helps both you and viewers/listeners. Less data usage, means more people listening to your content on mobile devices.
      • [ – ] tmnsoon parent reply Yeah, a Soundcloud version of all the videos would be great. We can listen with the Soundcloud app on our phones. Watching videos over 4G uses too much data.
  • MysticSword reply Big Brother is more and more present. Nice video. Well thought-out and well spoken.
  • [ – ] ComputingForever reply Thanks for all the fantastic engagement here on Vidme. Hugely appreciated guys.
  • Grumanilt reply "Meanwhile, France falls into the darkness..."
  • [ – ] JimGiant reply We need free speech supporting sites to grow to a point where they can actually have an impact. Having them exist on the fringes of the internet where journalists and governments can pretend inconvenient facts don't exist isn't good enough.
  • [ – ] madel_schmadel reply I'm not a computer nerd, but maybe something like the Open Sim model would work so that when a user's offline, offline messages could still reach them. Pick a few nodes in the network as ones that keep track of users, have some for assets like multimedia, and some for text.
  • ForNoGoodReason reply Don't use vid me enough, but thanks for your time on minds and other mediums
  • The_Lamb reply It would be a good idea if we could hack each Countries own servers and run encryption through their own 'backdoor'. GCHQ in the UK and the Pentagon in the USA and so on. Piss ant requests from these outfit to prevent 'uncrackable' encryption makes me laugh. Brains over brawn will win the day on this one, it has to! Cheers.
  • DragonSkunk reply This is poorly thought out and full of problems: p2p connections can be specifically throttled. Ad funded content would never make money. We already tried p2p sharing it was called eg: Kazaa, Emule, etc. where viruses and child porn was rampant, it wasn't very attractive. I didn't hear any applicable solutions to get rid of hate speech. I don't want in my pocket someone's else porn especially if I travel though customs.
  • TacticCrush reply Outer Haven (gravelly voice)
  • nyadchild reply fuck censorship
  • Tiedshoes7 reply This is great!!!!!!
  • blazedu reply the physical storage is always a problem. And you're right, they will start chasing the users directly. Just like turkey, they will not stop on the scaling of censorship
  • [ – ] Mygamebeff reply is not the platform we deserve but the platform we need
  • NoCopyrightJamz reply Feel free to use our awesome no copyright music! <3
  • JamesFuturist reply In the U.S. its not the government doing the censorship. Its corporations. Its Facebook and Google. Its leftist fanatics at the head of these tech companies.
  • SpokenThoughts reply Hey, @ComputingForever I agree with practically 98% with what you said. However, I wouldn't completely fault the left, the right can be just as regressive as the left in terms of free speech. Look up "Falwell censored anti-Trump column". Also, there is a battle against the deep state on both ends. Leftist alternative sources (H.A Goodman, Tim Black, Secular Talk, Jimmy Dore etc.) have been demonetized for essentially reporting the truth (basically calling out mainstream media's bs). Also, just a suggestion invite guys like Tim Black or H.A Goodman. Tim Black has made videos calling out SJW's and free speech. H.A Goodman has also made videos consistently calling out msm's B.S. P.S. Check this video out at the bottom. You'll like it.
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