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  • [ – ] MaronaPossessed reply also, JUST SUMMARIZE IT AS "NOTICE ME SENPAI" XDDD
  • [ – ] JennyFedora reply Bravo good sir! You keep learning and remember to reach out and learn from the community also.
  • [ – ] MaronaPossessed reply Hmm I content create because it's a small fun hobby to do. I work on it once I get inspiration.
  • [ – ] VanDeGraph reply I like that this is the type of video that gets featured.
  • [ – ] Nathaneye reply Hey my names NathanEyeI and i am tying to grow on, if you could follow me it would mean a lot OK bye family.
    • DookisWatching parent reply I'll give you credit for asking....but you didn't say PLEASE. Tip....don't beg for follows, makes you sound very very desperate. I'll check it out :)
  • [ – ] ErickAlden reply It's hard not to get unwanted attention while getting noticed. Good video though man :)
  • [ – ] RubenLeija reply @DookisWatching I think you contradicted yourself. You said you don't want attention but you're posting this content to the internet and you mentioned that you want people to notice your skills (editing, design, etc). PS: You're posting great content so you will put yourself in a position to win and open up opportunities :)
  • MrDoubleK reply Great video on a great subject matter, man! I might come up with a response video on it, if I have the time to do it, but one question: Where did you get the music? Did you make it all alone or you got it from an artist? Because the tunes are absolute fire! :)
  • BearOnStilts reply I know creating content for me is wanting to connect to a community and create something I can call mine by talking about what I enjoy... people enjoying my content is proof that I exist, and a chance to connect with others who share a common interest. Maybe not EXACTLY the same reasons as what you mean, but I understand the idea of wanting to get noticed, but not exactly aiming to be "famous".
  • WillyMacShow reply Fucking Dookie dude, you're my spirit animal. You nailed it on the head. Love you man, keep it up :)
  • BrianAiya reply Preach it bro!! I can completely understand what you mean. Keep it up the hard work, hard work always pays off.
  • ThePiratedReview reply I do it cause I want dosh for fit birds all over me nightstick kidding of course but I do it cause its fun sure my style is off but its intentional cause I got the idea of watching fonejacker, basically if still pictures (comedic of course) can get the point across then why not do it. But whatever you keep doing what you doing DK bruv
  • DavidTheGamer reply Why I create content? My dream has always been to become a youtuber since I was little. I grew up watching mark , jack. I love playing games and when I learn so much from markipler I wanted to go for my dream so much more and he inspired me to go for my dream. I have social anxiety so it was hard to get my self on the internet without the fear. So one day I sat down and learn everything by my self photoshop , new vegas , how to make thumbnails , how to do everything I just sat down and research everything. I always wanted to be a lets play youtuber! So I got all the stuff I need a mic , webcam ect ect. I don't make videos just to become rich. I saw how big youtubers have a awesome community like markipler. So I also want to build one doing what I love. I really don't enjoy anything else in life other then doing this all day making videos , recording , editing and having so much fun with it. I don't do this for fun as a hobby. I'm really serious about as in doing it full time for a liv...moreing that's my dream. I been doing youtube for 5 months and then youtube started changing and they started crushing my dream and breaking my heart. I research day after day on how to do the best SEO and so on trying so hard to get my videos out there and try to improve every single video. Then I started hearing about how youtube is giving spotlight to companys now who can make 5+ videos a day. Then I happen to watch a youtuber who said vidme I was like what the heck is that and I went and checked it out and was like omg this is amazing! I have been on vidme for 2 days now and so far I love it. I haven't really been found on here yet but my goal is to work hard and let the vidme staff see my hard work and feature me thats my goal and im work for that goal. There is much more I could say but ill be writing like 10 pages rofl. So pretty much this is how I feel and what I wanna do for a living and my dream my passion is out of this world for it. Thanks for asking this question. it feels good to let it all out my passion.
  • Octotiggy reply This was an interesting listen. Personally I've always found it kind of weird to call it "content". We make videos on our channel. "Content" sounds way too much like a term a marketing exec would use to promote your videos. I don't think I'd ever ask people to check out our "content"-- I'd much rather they watch our videos and hang out on our streams ;) Does anyone else feel the same?
  • dancrivelli reply FUck yea 1 minute in and I love your persona, I create content because I love creating something out of nothing and also the challenge (currently doing daily vlogs) . I learnt so much about editing Yesturday I even lost track of time I was that deep into it. That's when you know you are in flow.
  • QuazzVids reply I hope Jenny Fedora becomes known as like some kind of legendary channel on here lol. The Shed Time videos are always a good time.
  • QuazzVids reply Yea man, success doesn't come from one action. It's the combination of successive successes. Awesome video - followed.
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