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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply THIS! This is exactly what I love about the community here! Everyone helping one another :)
  • [ – ] sarah reply This is so nice! I really like this idea of the community showcasing one another in such a fun and positive way. Thanks for this!
    • mintteamew parent reply Thank you! I hope that other people take this idea and try it for themselves. I 10/10 recommend making something like this, it is a happy thing to make!
  • BedtimeGaming reply So many great people, This was amazing. I love the great showcase and helping other creators. #Lovethelove
  • [ – ] LittleMuslimas reply We'd like to show our appreciation for all the hard work (your time) that went into creating the video/content. We'd like to buy you some lunch (tip). We hope you will accept it and again thank you mintteamews.
  • [ – ] heymattsokol reply This is a great idea! It reminds me of the "Curie" project at, where power users pick their favorite unknown authors to feature each day.
  • [ – ] CaelanCavanagh reply HUGE thank you, seriously. Sorry i screwed everything up by changing my links loool
    • mintteamew parent reply No problem! Also CaelanCavanaghProductions - just by looking at your cover image you are really expanding your content! So now I can look forward to the possibility of you doing some super cool skits with all the voices you can do!
  • [ – ] LittleMuslimas reply Speechless, not sure what to say ... Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you ... Dad, Aleesa and Ayesha ...
    • mintteamew parent reply <3 What you do means a lot to me. You are so sweet and I want to do my part in spreading the word about your videos because they're so positive and fun.
  • [ – ] SonoPlays reply If only I was showed on the case
  • [ – ] BearOnStilts reply Wow, this is so awesome! Like Aiya said, this is exactly what makes Vidme so awesome. I'm glad you liked my stuff and made your day, it really makes mine! I need to watch some of these people, they look genuinely interesting. The only one I'm actually familiar with is ImSalty, and his Let's Plays and most recent comedy video crack me up.
    • mintteamew parent reply Thank you so much! I really do like your stuff a lot! Also in looking up links... gosh when I saw that pho. That pho though. I've got pho on the mind but the nearest place is 78 minutes away. ImSalty is some good good salt. I fondly remember playing through Resident Evil so watching him play through 4 has been a really fun nostalgia trip.
  • [ – ] duffy reply this is so cool! thank you!
  • [ – ] GamerRaf reply This was pretty cool. I was surprised it was so detailed. Great job. I'm gonna check some of these out.
  • [ – ] StayandPlay reply Awesome! You've certainly got me checking out this awesome creators. Already love Robindies and SHWEEBEE, very funny.
  • [ – ] robindies reply Wow! This video is so cool, I love love LOVE the community here at VidMe, so much positivity and support and wonderfulness. Thank you so much for highlighting us, we're honored! And we're definitely going to have to check out the other channels you listed :) seriously, this was so cool. I'll tell our pupper that he has a fan :P
    • [ – ] mintteamew parent reply Thank you! I love the community here too! Vidme feels different than it's competition, instead of feeling like I have to compete against people for fans&views/popularity/fame/ it feels like I am in a community of people and it's more about appreciation/encouragement. They have such a great mission for this site, love it. It was so fun to talk about you guys and your pupper! Thank you so much for creating content here Robin, Will, and Albus :3 I'm so glad I got the chance to find you!
      • robindies parent reply Yes, exactly! Like you don't have to step on other channels to become visible, it's really nice. But yeah - freaking awesome video, keep making awesome stuff :)
  • Arcade-Salad reply Awesome video. the Vidme community is amazing very helpfull and also really nice
  • [ – ] lemonadeandlatte reply Oh wow! This was awesome!!! Love your review! "Is it for a young audience? No. No, no, no, no, no!" I was dying, that was so funny! Thank you so much for your wonderful words. And what a great show you're doing, showcasing other creators. Someone left us a comment saying they saw us in this video. We'll definitely check out each new episode. Thanks again!
  • [ – ] MFKraven reply wow this is so amazing! aint no party like a Vidme party
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