Gorillaz - Humanz Review | Is It Good??

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  • [ – ] The_Z_Files reply I approve of anything that adds "Z" to the end..lol seriously though um i've been an "occasional" Gorillaz listener forever and I'm not super into music really as I rarely have time to appreciate it but I don't find this album bad really but I can't say it's their best,that's subjective though as I get that sometimes bands have to tweak a style or something to stay current/relevant so appealing to say longtime fans and new listeners both is difficult I'm sure.
    • [ – ] ShaxxUK parent reply Problem with tweaking the style is older fans may not like it.
      • The_Z_Files parent reply Oh that's always true but sadly some people/bands only care about sales/money then fans so if a studio tells them "this is good for the numbers" they do it. It's crappy but happens lol
  • _Royalty reply I agree with you :)
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Never heard the album myself but I could easily agree that 'Charger' song was terrible just from the few seconds you played of it lol. Nice to see you doing the videos you want to do :D
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