BPS Adjustable heavy duty backdrop stand AND Andoer backdrops review - Photography gear Review

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  • [ – ] TheBrewMonks reply Love how you try SO hard to get that stubborn autofcous to work.. hand behind the object, and NOTHING lol. The setup is quite nice! Good to know the length is not quite as advertised and was waiting for a T-Rex! Disappointed! Thanks for the review NFT!
    • [ – ] NoFormalTraining parent reply Yeah........ auto focus is the bane of...... everyone who uses a camera! I'm just using the standard kit lens so maybe if I get a better lens I might have better luck there :D
      • [ – ] TheBrewMonks parent reply Are you by chance using a Canon? If so I can message you where to get one for a good price. I call it the Phantom. It's great. No problems with autofocus at all
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