Musings With McSchpiggly: Episode 1 - Of Burgers AndOf Cheese (Gag Video)

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  • [ – ] RetroBit reply While I got a kick out of the content, that puppet is going to haunt my dreams :| hahaha.
    • [ – ] Renegade1 parent reply Hahahahaha! I'm working on getting the equipment to actually give him a small stage set up where he'll be in the library. I don't intend to make anything haunting, but it's been my artistic style for so long so sometimes it happens unexpectedly. There's also another episode and one more that I'm working on. He's really quite a loveable character once you get to know him, It's the fact that I filmed this in complete darkness and had the lights coming up from the bottom to the top (which automatically gives any image haunting effect, a tip I learned as a photographer) that makes him seem kind of spooky. He's not intended to be, he's intended to be funny.
      • [ – ] RetroBit parent reply Your content is very different and your perspective interesting friend, I'm going to keep an eye on you. Haha.
        • Renegade1 parent reply ;) That's apart of my mission: to not only stand out and be different but reintroduce the world to the idea that a video can be whatever you want it to be. We shouldn't limit ourselves to formulas and cliche's. I started youtube before the dawn of what can be termed "Youtube Culture" where people just made stuff in their own vision. That very thing is what made youtube great in the first place, but unfortunately, youtube has abandoned it in favor of a cookie-cutter format. I still need to make good on my promise to compose a "Spongebob Rendition" of "Carefree" by Kevin McCloud if I heard it in a video on more time. Hahaha!
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