Ricky Dearman The Diamond Heist

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  • LongCiel reply The address of office/suite 36, 88 - 90 hatton garden is used by Mailboxes Extra Limited, mial forwarding service so people can stay hidden. There has been many scams associated with this address in the past. More info here https://www.scamwarners.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=61358 So it looks like this guy is hiding something, just what?
  • DavideLeDingue reply Oh for fuck's sake more of Abraham Christie's utter deluded bollox! You will be arrested Christie, that's your best case scenario. Perhaps from your "paradise of god" you can see your "end times" approaching. Handing yourself in is probably for the best. Or face up to some unpleasant people from Kyiv who have marked your card.... you psychopathic nincompoop. What a nonce!
  • thevirginmary reply well, you're pretty similar when it comes to logic, so no worries, toothlessparadiseofgod
  • TheParadiseOfGod reply You mean the dude with the IQ higher than you can count? Nope not me.
  • thevirginmary reply toothless: you go from masterlucifer to paradiseofgod in one jump? oh, jokes!
  • deconstructor reply let me guess which twat made this: that autistic, fixated, toothlessgetruthless idiot who could not find his way out of a paper bag, or even join the dots in a kids drawing book. lolololol
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