Comey's LIES! Trump's Lawyer's Spot On and STRONG Response to Comey Hearing

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Canada got the exact opposite message from the CBC, CTV, Global. They put on the talking head and took part of a clip to say that Trump has all but admitted he has admitted that he is guilty. Like I said that the CBC and the main stream media is trying to convict Trump from Canada. It's so sad that almost 90 % of Canadian's have been brainwashed. Update to my last message. The NDP of Alberta have raised the LGBTQ flag yesterday to celebrate Gay pride month. Like I said in my last message. To say pray of Canada isn't enough. We need an exorcism.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Trump said that the Paris agreement is a penalty on the USA it's designed to transfer wealth from North America to China and Europe and other countries. That why the EU loves Obama and Trudeau. Trudeau has already transferred a larger amount of the Pension fund to India 2 Billon Dollars. Committed 6.5 Billion to fight Climate Change. These are just a few of the examples. This is just some examples that prove that Trump is right that other countries are not reducing their use of Coal. Adani Group announces Queensland towns to service $16.5 billion mine project Why Australia axed their carbon tax on YouTube watch?v=sLjV04-V5WQ France quits it's own policiy on Carbon taxes are "a fraud and a scam" on Germany To Abandon $1.1 Trillion Wind Power Program By 2019 trillion-wind-power-program-by-2019/ To produce one ton of Cement you need to use...more almost 1 ton of coal. Concert is Carbon intensive. China used more concrete in 3 yrs than the USA did in 100....
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Infowars made a mistake! David Knight had a freudian Slip on InfoWars Nightly News 6-7-17. time 45 minutes into the show. Twice he said, "Veil of Tears". When God reveals himself the veil, the curtain is rent down the middle, an apocalypse and revelation.. It is a revealing of the "Truth", a discovery, revelation, disclosure! Within minutes David Knight said "Trail of Tears". he was trying to correct his mistake but his point was incorrect in the first place.
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