Escaping Earth: Challenges of Colonising Mars

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  • andyeccentric reply Come to Mars! BYOO
  • c_arnold03 reply If we want to get Mars gravity up, we'd likely have to work on increasing the mass of Mars and it's two moons, Phobos and Deimos, through asteroid bombardments. I imagine as their mass increases, the pull they would exert on Mars and each other would be able to slowly jump start Mars core like a car engine by means of the tidal forces.
  • xvart reply Apparently Titan is better, the pressure is more earth like, just colder and hydrocarbons abound so plastic is a simple thing hence building material is easy, problem is every one expects low mineral content so asteroid mining is going to need to also be a thing.
  • GradVM reply There is much more problems with Mars - what you are assuming here is based on our official current knowledge...
  • carver reply Dave the science guy
  • hoofed reply Colonising Mars is a crappy idea but it’s the best idea we have.
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