Hello Vidme World! | My Introduction #showsomelove

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply It's good to have you here, Jay! Welcome. You make a good point, since it's a smaller pond here, every fish is important. I look forward to seeing your content. Also, @danielamann is a great resource as far as vlogging. He's sincere and has some great videos with tips and such and he's good at answering comments.
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Hey thanks for tagging me as a resource, and I want to say welcome to you @xCreativeNotion here to Vidme. This is a great place, with a great community, and there is a lot of opportunity here for creators! It's great to have you around and as a part of what is going on =D If you ever have any questions or anything, I try to be as open as possible and you can reach me anywhere! Cheers mate!
      • xCreativeNotion parent reply Hey man thanks If i have any questions I'll be sure to hit you up. And same for you any question's you have feel free to ask! maybe we could do a collab one day!
    • xCreativeNotion parent reply Hey thanks i'm truly excited for the future of this channel on vidme!
  • hockeyknight reply Hi, CreativeNotion. Welcome to VidMe
  • JustABloke reply It's never about follower/subscribers numbers for me. The moment I open vidme I head straight to the NEW Tab. I get to see a lot of content creators and the latest videos they bring to the table. Also the Community Tab is a hidden gem, if the Vidme team verifies someone, chances are this person has a better chance for me to like their content. I spend like 2 hours a day going through these 2 Tabs, it's like watching a 2 hour episode video created by vidme just for me, I'm spoiled for choice LoL. Welcome to Vidme.
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