Ted Cruz Cut Off - This is Trump's People Doing This

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  • randalusa reply I sure hope it was not Trump's doing. He already owns a stack of silly behaviors, and not even the ones made up or taken out of context by the professional lib liars at ABC News, NBC and CBS.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply I don't know if it was Trump that caused the music to stop playing because he doesn't want Ted to get the spot light. Ted has been in the spot light a lot for the last while. Ted has been one of Trumps biggest supporters since the election was finished. I like Ted, I also like Dr. Carlson, he seems like a really good guy also. The last interview I watched of Dr. Carlson he looked like he needed some time off to recoup. Only a man with Trumps endurance and thick skin can stand up to DC. There is so much corruption in DC. Trumps has an attitude and I hate to say it stubbornness too prove he can get the job done. I doubt that any other politician could have beaten Hillbilly or stood against the crooked main stream media.. Corrupt, Corrupt, and Corrupt. I have never seen a man get attacked and attacked and attacked some more. Then look into the camera, and say I'm just getting started to make America Great Again. You're going to get so sick of winning. I'm fighting for you the American peo...moreple.
  • avanlmaas reply It looked like Cruz was done talking; but apparently he wasn't 😕
  • bigsendog reply Nobody likes Ted
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