Anime Truth #6: Self Promoting & Selling on Name (2016 version)

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  • [ – ] KaiserTrigger reply Can you reupload the video where you talk about Chibi? The one where you act like you're in love with him and say "OH CHIBI!" in some dirty way. Or can you just send it to me? I need it for a video about you where I mention Chibi. Unless you're easily triggered by videos about you.
  • [ – ] Capo98y reply Are you going to reupload your top videos? UI would love to watch some of the animes thaat were there, also i would love to watch your overview of MADHOUSE
  • [ – ] copperfield42 reply so that idiot that kick you out of YT is selling on your name by uploading some of your videos there and making fun of you while also searching a way to kick you out of here too?
  • [ – ] review99 reply snob Your channel is great. thanks Perezoso doom For showing me this channel (sorry my English is bad I'm Argentinean)
  • AnimangaNation493 reply You preaching to the choir we try to self premote. And its like we murdered a baby. But when someone else dose it they are seen as so " so original" bitch please
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