TL;DR - CognitiveThought Doesn't Understand Humour

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  • [ – ] theyellowtub reply Seems like you hit quite the salt mine. Please keep mining.
  • theyellowtub reply Remember when Jim did this exact thing with the "Commentary community?" He got the exact same reaction too.
  • AndyBerlino reply Bwhaha awesome
  • Azazer reply This guy seems to be the real life version of the parody character.
  • g0bkF7Ss reply Write this comment on your blackboard. I dare you. Put it on paper first. Did anyone else cringe at half of this btw?
  • Telapoopy reply Is the whole thing about hypnotizing the audience with swirly backgrounds a reference to those flat earthers' comments about Armoured Skeptic?
  • Partially_Evil reply And this is my problem with the term "Skeptic Community"TM, this shit has gotten so fucking tribal that a single Skeptic(TM) poking some harmless fun at the 'community' and the genre as a whole results in Stormfag/SJW-level vitriolic butthurt over a failure of the Skeptic(TM) Purity Test.
  • Luftwaffles161 reply How did Cog not get this?
  • ZanbonSen reply How does someone take the bait so hard?
  • imterrybull reply Bro, I know you're not gonna read this, but I"m gonna say it anyway. I actually got the joke, but I understand why Cog and other's didn't. You see, while you are trying to portray a character... you're also having your character portray you. Yes you used a custom version of your avatar for this, but you didn't even have your 'character' claim to steal it like you did with the suit. And it still looked exactly like you. You didn't even make it a recolor or palette swap or anything. Nor did you even try doing a different voice or anything so it wasn't entirely clear you were trying to portray a character. I didn't even really think you were trying to portray a character; I just thought you were being satirical. But yeah. Laugh at people not getting a joke all you want, bro. But at least acknowledge that you might have not gone far enough to make it clear. And I'm not even saying you had to do much more. Hope you can recover from this whole burnout you're going through. I...more really enjoy your videos.
  • omgomgomgd reply I think that your video hit a little too close to home for a lot of people. Ironic that the people that got so tilted think of themselves so highly.
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