VLOG #6: Hype and My Unpopular Opinions (Offensive)

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  • [ – ] GreyMovies reply I 100% agree with what you were talking about at the end. Definitely shows immense strength to be able to speak out about what's going on in your head. And I don't mean to say that anyone's weak for not being able to talk about what he/she might be going through because not everyone is on the same level of strength. People going through stuff are strong enough to even be dealing with it in the first place. But taking that next step to try and put that crap in its place... to talk about it and try and stop it... that's next level. Great video. Hope you're doing better now!
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply I agree with what you said! I was a bit off so i didn't fully think that through. People who are going through shit are tough for sure. Thank you for watching! And I am for sure. I question what happened yesterday but... Things are good now.
      • [ – ] GreyMovies parent reply Yeah, it's totally understandable. When you're angry, you don't think straight and you just spout off what's on your mind. Honestly, I felt you kind of implied it without outright saying it, 'cause I was thinking, "When does this get offensive?" Then as I was typing my response I was like, "Oh, I see." Glad you're doing better! :) I don't know what happened, but sometimes you just gotta be angry and let it out. Like you tweeted me yesterday, "the past is the past, the present and the future are all that matters."
        • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply You really do, and thank you! And sometimes you have to vent for sure. I should probably take that Tweet more seriously in life and not just apply it to my scene phase 😂. If you're really curious of what happened, you know where you can message me, idk which bro is leaving these comments but I don't think either of you will make content explaining this, it's just I do not want to make a video about it, nor do I know everything.
          • [ – ] GreyMovies parent reply No problem! I don’t think it’s my place to ask what happened. Don’t wanna pry, especially ‘cause it seems personal. And yeah, we probably won’t make content on stuff like this (though we wouldn’t completely rule it out), but if you or anyone else reading this ever needs to talk about something or just vent, feel free to message us on here or on my personal Twitter (it’s Parker commenting).
            • thy_koosk parent reply I fully understand that and am fully okay with that, and also thank you for offering a hand to anyone reading the comments, I really appreciate that Parker! 😊👾💓
  • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic reply Ok so I have watched this video twice now, and I fail to see how any of this could be seen as offensive. Physical strength and emotional strength are two very different areas and many who have physical strength (pumping iron etc) would agree with you that emotional strength is harder to attain.
  • [ – ] realLain011001 reply lain doesnt like mean stuff but ok
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Nope, I didnt find any of this offensive, in fact I agreed with everything you said. I was diagnosed with Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder a few years ago and yeah, when your fighting demons that are all in your head on a daily basis but still manage to smile and laugh. It is stronger to admit from time to time that right now, no, youre not OK
  • [ – ] nodetact reply You, Rawman and some other greater good diligence Vidizens hopefully remember what I said about my own personal addiction. PMO isn't what many other negative-to-your-body influences tend to be: If you smoke a lot of pot, drink a lot of vodka or eat a lot of fried foods, not always but a lot of their impact is very much permanent. The thing is, if I manage to let go of Derpixon/xvideos/miserable life situations convincing me to relapse/etc. for a long enough time, it not only will pay off, but like I may have mentioned before, my intellect cognition and other since age 13 "superpowers" will even revert back to so much of its former self. For some reason though, even with my lack of emotions, low energy and narrow appreciation of life, I have no idea why I was so lucky as to have gained/always had all these gifted soft skills like infinite patience and insightful reflection, as well as hard skills like how my English and history abilities brought forth these blessed fluent communications...more and professional strategies. I have lots more to say at will, so feel free to give me your fullest, ~Tony/nodetact
    • thy_koosk parent reply I somewhat do, I don't know the whole story. Also sometimes the people who have certain skills do have life issues, especially comedians in this context. We all have bad and good in us
  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply shout outs: @FireRam and @Psyclone
    • [ – ] Psyclone parent reply Thanks fam😁
    • [ – ] FireRam parent reply @thy_koosk Thanks!
    • [ – ] nodetact parent reply Perfect timing too that Fire subscribed to you and Psy tipped you as well, seeing as how you were surprised from the Vidme staff after having been verified since claiming to needing just Patreon!
      • thy_koosk parent reply I was never against tips, subscriptions for my channel, yes. I just made notes and couldn't post them just for subscribers on vidme. Most of my videos now aren't scripted though, so I kind of phased out of that opinion and opened up subscriptions here. Either way it wasn't the goal of my videos, I'm just going through a rough time so I have them open. FireRam did not personally tell me to open my subscriptions, I put them up for future reference when my content will be good, so I was shocked. Also vidme did not verify me for that video. I put in a second application in after Mercury Rx in April a week before that video. If anything I was verified because I was interacting with some verified channels who were okay with my content, like @AmandaFood (especially AmandaFood)
  • [ – ] ErrorFairy reply Caffeine is one hell of a drug 🖤
  • [ – ] Rawman reply "dead awake. am i a zombie" yes haha
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