VLOG #3: GOTTA FLY FAST CENTIPEDE! @ # RIP (sorry I left vid.me for a bit)

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply The centipede flew I saw it lol Pollen Booboo <3 The woods are awesome to me. I would feel weird vlogging in front of people but I like your attitude about it!
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Our centipedes here are giant ones. So are our spiders. And cockroaches. The people are normal sized though. I would have trouble talking to a camera in public. Maybe if it talked back it would be alright. Booboo is an awesome kitty! But, being a cat, he probably knows that already. Great vlog!
    • thy_koosk parent reply Thank you and those bugs sound horrifying! Vlogging isn't for everyone and some people perfer Livestreams which is understandable!!
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Well that sucked, couldn't convey your message "she's my fav daddy-o" to your friend, damn private settings ;-) and about you walking through the woods talking about your hat, these days thats normal, no-one is going to question your sanity, they'd probably be thinking oh no another "vidme vlogger", what happened to the good old days when all you met on the tracks are "sweaty joggers".
    • thy_koosk parent reply How about take a joke 😂 I call a lot of my friends dad as one. And there are more dog walkers on the track I was on + I think a good chunk of people around me don't know what vid.me is lol
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