Yolin's Art Adventures - Art time lapse: Marker Doodle

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  • [ – ] sarah reply it'd be nice at the end if you showed the full drawing without moving it around so we could see the whole image clearly. :) other than that, really awesome job!
    • yolin parent reply Thank you Sarah! :) A lot the art videos are pre-recorded but I'll keep it in mind when filming the next one!
  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply Looks amazing! The concept seemed really cool! I really like how you kept to a few colours :D
    • [ – ] yolin parent reply Thank you Hoshi-Hana! (And apologies for the late reply x_x) In a way it's challenging to use few colors. It really makes you think of where to put which colour even more than before haha.
      • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana parent reply You're very welcome ^^ and don't worry about it❤ I know how it is. Lately I have been so busy that I haven't really have time to answer even if I wanted to myself^^
        • yolin parent reply Thank you for understanding. You're the sweetest! >u< ❤ Lets both not forget to take breaks sometimes! @w@;
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