4chan /pol/ Finds Out She's a Cam Model and Tariq Nasheed Finds Out Puncher Was An Alt Righter

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  • cth96190 reply Enjoy the gender equity, bitch!
  • Eureka_seven reply People are missing the point the real people causing the problems are George Soros Henry Kissinger and the Rockefellers you are all playing into their games the real people that you need to attack as those people
  • madel_schmadel reply I no longer call them by their preferred political gender "Antifa"; I call them Sofa (socialist fascists), which I know is redundant in English but in Japanese it's verbal MSG.
  • AaronMicheal14 reply Boom Boom, out go da lights.
  • CorpseDragon reply Karma is a bitch indeed.
  • AnonymousCrow reply The collective intelligence of 4chan /pol/ is 25. Thanks for providing lulz for us Anons who are Antifa.
  • Angry-Quad reply Just Cause!!
  • Volkwave reply Like it or not, redditfag, white people will be the first to be sacrificed on the alter of equality and diversity. There isn't going to be any kind of honest debate about this or any open dialog. White people never voted for multicutualism, they never voted for diversity and they never voted for the situation that we're stuck in today. Nobody did. If you are white, don't hate America and stand for open dialog, they will see you as their mortal enemy no matter how reasonable you try to be. Also these people are thugs, so intimidation is pretty much their only means of operation. Unfortunately, it becomes more and more clear all the time that our disagreements with these people are not going to be settled diplomatically. Antifa say 'revolution by any means necessary', we should say 'defend America by any means necessary'.
  • Pharginell reply Very little outrage shown by the left when those girls got beaten by antifa at the first Berkley riot and little said about the antifa poster inviting people to turn up and punch Lauren Southern at this one, so.... kick the shit out of these commies with a clear conscience.
  • tonygreene113 reply That was an awesome right cross to the grill!
  • MFKraven reply punching out neo nazis like Richard Spencer is cool, just like punching out ANTIFA members is cool. whats so significant about this time period right now is that Extremists on both spectrum are making "normal" or non politically aligned people such as myself want to choose a side.
  • kendrakane reply nothing wrong with being a slut.
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