Ottawa Valley Creep Catchers Meet Kevin

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  • Jujitsu_Jane reply Please catch this creep James McAllister at 54 South street in Perth. Has mess load of computer hard drives and servers with underaged porn...he is an old lecherous 60 year old man that admitted molesting his 15 year old step daughter ,,,she is now in her early 20s but he sent a letter from his gmail account describing the molestation in graphic detail. It sent by this creep to woman on the internet. Any tech savvy people that can get that letter on his please...he is also raising his 13 year grand daughter and most likely molesting her and her friends...OPP wont do a thing as it has been reported to him but he is friends with a lot of law enforcement and they do nothing...his number is 613-862-0357...he can be set up so easily as he is a stone cold pedophile and sends nudes selfies to teenage girls. I have the selfie and will turn it over if you know how to bust this freak. Name and shame with his naked pic, He works in IT security and for Cord 3 Inno...morevation and pretends to be Christian at North Gate Church on Gore Street in Perth. Bust this sucker you guys...Please!!! I have first hand knowledge of his crimes. X-(
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