having kids doesn't make you more important than me

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  • Dragoninkmusic reply If I had to guess I would say that maybe he didn't mean it the way it sounded. As a dad myself I feel like I have a responsibility to raise and look after my kids, nothing else in my life holds that kind of responsibility, not my job not my friends not my extended family none of it matters, but if I suddenly decided to quit being a father that would have a negative impact on my kids for what could be the rest of their lives. before having kids, deciding whether I wanted rum or scotch was the most important decision in my day, now every move has to factor in how it would effect them. Mind you this is just my take on what he meant, maybe I'm wrong maybe he's just a self indulgent douchebag, who knows? But yeah if I am right, he really shoulda worded it better.
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