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  • kdghantous reply The Wonder Years is a show I haven't watched for over 20 years. Maybe one day I'll go back and give it a look! As for The Simpsons, I love it - well, the earlier seasons. I have the first nine on DVD, but the sets are not the same series. I got them at a charity shop for $5 per season. I still haven't rewatched them, but at least I have them. You're right to be patient for prices to come down. Some people really must have the latest titles *now*, and they pay three times as much as they need to, and at the end of the day, they won't be any happier. Delayed gratification FTW! I'm even more patient than you, though - I only buy videos from charity shops. I got most of the Harry Potter movies on Blu-Ray for $3 each, for example. The problem is that some titles will have to be bought from a retailer eventually, as I'll probably never get it from a charity shop before I want to watch them. Next time you do an Ask Me Anything video, I want to ask you a question in advance: how do you find...more time to watch all those titles?
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