Why you should not repress ego

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  • ElisabethPhilosophy reply I want to add, that i also believe the the universe in infinet. And that everybody sees life through their own filters (senses and brain). What i also call fences. In these fences our individuality lies. But our individuality wouldnt exist without contrast. So we compare, and thats ego.
  • [ – ] SuomalainenMies reply I like how you make your videos; Straight to the point, and once you've said everything, the video ends.
  • justwondering reply Ego is not individuality, which is what you negate and repress in Christianity or misunderstood Buddhism, where you basically just try to standardize your emotions. Ego is living in a thought. When the thought is realized as untrue and or inadequate is when the Ego "dies" and something deeper is revealed. Everyone has had many such experiences in their life time. They cannot be forced but they can be invited.
  • RedPillTV reply This face should be viewed in 1080P
  • EvilPear reply God point..
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