Random Musings Episode 1: The Weirdness of Talking to a Camera, Living Alone, Lighting on the Cheap, and Other Nonsensical BS

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  • ItsRealyReall reply @ Yaay. NO problem. :D But that sounds clever! What's a toilet paper flier and how do you use it for lighting?? XD
  • ItsRealyReall reply Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :) And I couldn't help smiling when I saw your Good Mythical Morning, mug! :D *random hug* I hope things get better for you. What you say makes sense even though I am very much opposite from your situation. Keep up the videos! I'm sure it'll be very helpful for you and other people. Yeah, I know the equipment thing is frustrating. -__- That's another reason why I suck at actually following through with videos, but for the most part I think most people do just fine with what they have. It's the heart behind it, what they have to say, and interesting content that matters. :) I think you have that covered!
  • ItsRealyReall reply LOL OOOooh XD Hahaha
  • FunnyLikeADonkey reply Haha typo: filter. Toilet paper filter. I use toilet paper to diffuse my light lol
  • FunnyLikeADonkey reply @ItsRealyReall thank you so much for your kind words! And for letting me know that the struggle is real for a lot of us when it comes to uploading and equipment and feeling like we're keeping up with everything that's out there. I'm glad you enjoyed the random chit chat. *random hug back, mythical beast* ;) Thanks for reminding me that it's about the heart rather than not having lighting with a toilet paper filer *lol* Big love! Tiff
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