Trix Sings the Classics

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  • [ – ] Wolfer reply So this is what I missed while I was gone? :)
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Hahaha fantatsic ...
  • [ – ] BackSoon reply I am so confused right now.
  • [ – ] VonHelton reply ??????
  • [ – ] AntiBullshitMan reply Scandalous! So hotly scandalous, I was torn between concentrating on the wank versus paying adequate attention to the Trix'd lyrics. That's a lie actually. The former took over less than a minute into the video. The modified lyrics seemed funny, but I need to re-listen in order to fully absorb them. *replays audio ONLY so as to focus on the lyrics this time*
    • [ – ] Sectual parent reply So atrociously scandalous! I've given my most perverse and inappropriate thoughts eternal life on the internet! POOOOWEEEERRRR!!!!!!!!!
      • [ – ] AntiBullshitMan parent reply You most certainly did, and I want more!! After giving it a non-visual replay, I've concluded that my favourite modification was for Wishin' And Hopin'. Perfectly done. Epic lulz. I've altered many a lyric myself, but the best ideas always spring to mind when I'm on the go, and writing it down is a ballache. So I forget when it counts. A few of your songs here didn't register. As in, I'm unfamiliar the originals. If you think you made yourself look kray for the viewers who are familiar with all the songs, rest assured that the kray is amplified when it seems like you're just making up a brand new song while going about your perverse business.
        • Sectual parent reply I knew that not everyone would recognize each song. I think leaving no explanation creates an enigma... I like that. I fancy the idea that somewhere down the road, they'll hear the original and recognize it from my sick and demented parody. It would be almost like creating a rift, some kind of warped alternate reality. In any case... non-Americans will probably recognize even fewer songs. This is just a cute little inside joke for anyone who's been exposed to American radio all their lives.
  • KilledInAdvance reply lmao funny shit right here. refine your voice and join a pornogrind band kek.
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