Kenny G: Songbird! JAZZLORDS ONLY! Soprano sax cover!

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  • [ – ] IdiotComedy reply How many times do I have to tell you? Kenny Loggins is better. Welcome to the Danger Zone! I'd agree with some of the text in your video after watching this video I'd say you lost it lol. This could have went under Weird Wide Web or Comedy also. You do a good job making Jazz interesting and more appealing. I wouldn't consider myself a jazz fan but your videos are entertaining.
  • astraleyes reply Pretty cool licks you threw in there! B| Although, I think I'm gonna have nightmares about that bikini scene.
  • cryptodigitator reply How do you get your pants on sir? #OnPointCounterPointGuitar
  • Dragoninkmusic reply you keep this up dude and im gonna be forced to check this Kenny G guys stuff out...
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