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  • Utnubu reply You're welcome! Keep up the good work.
  • gameoffuture reply I just wanted to say thank you for watching my video.
  • Utnubu reply On the topic of travel and transportation, I would really like to see sailing ships as a method of transportation in The Elder Scrolls: VI. I really enjoyed buying my own ship in Daggerfall, something that was missing in Skyrim. Imagine sailing the Abecean Sea, exploring islands for treasure, with your scurvy crew of Skooma-drinking sea dog pirates! There are many interesting ways of travel in Tamriel. In Black Marsh there is an underground highway formed within the roots of the Hist trees, and strange parasitic lifeforms that transports passengers over great distances. In Morrowind, you could of course ride domesticated Silt Striders (although, most Silt Striders were wiped out after the Red Mountain eruption 4E c.5-6). And let's not forget Valenwood, with its moving tree cities.
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