Reading Mean Comments (Halloween Edition)

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  • UnarmoredForce reply Oh snap! The king of the roast, Elgintensity!! Praised be thy traps!
  • [ – ] JimGiant reply Didn't know the trap lord was here! Good to see you bro.
    • [ – ] EveryDamnDayLife parent reply Spread the word.....
      • [ – ] JimGiant parent reply Yeah I'm trying to get people over to Vidme. I'll be shouting out Elgin and a few other people when I have the privacy to sit down and make a video.
        • [ – ] InfiniteElgintensity parent reply Thanks. This platform is promising. Others have suggested that VidMe enable custom emotes for paid subscribers like Twitch does, which would be a decent incentive to sub. Otherwise, I like how it's shaping up overall.
          • JimGiant parent reply Would be cool I guess. I think it's a matter of creating your own incentives. Personally I'm thinking of crediting subscribers at the end of each video and doing a weekly Q&A but nowhere near that stage yet.
  • Georgiysoltanov reply You brought me all the way from Youtube and im definitely digging this platform more! Youtube completely screws over the small content creators.
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