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  • [ – ] SalBerry reply Thanks for the shout Gray! <3 Also I have issues with file sizes (due to living in the middle of nowhere and slow internet) It takes ages to upload a large file, SOOOO I downloaded 'Handbrake' it's a free file conversion/compression tool, If I did a collab and needed to send someone a facecam I can get a 12gb 4hr long one compressed down to 1.4gb :) easy peasy and not much quality loss! (still takes an age to upload tho XD)
  • [ – ] MutantPixel reply Nice doing the challenge right off the bat. Also I dig the energy and enthusiasm! Nice having another awesome creator in the community! You got a follow from me!
    • GrayRPG parent reply Wow, Thanks for checking out the video bro🤘🏾Yea I felt like i was a little left out when i didnt do the challenge so you kno i had to for the one time lmao
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