Unboxing B-91 Metal GodChip [Beyblade Burst] [PT-Br]

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  • [ – ] _Stealth_ reply I wish they included more than just two metal god ships in this thing, but at least not only one xD
    • [ – ] BeybladeGalaxy parent reply I'm fine with two. I only use two at a time anyway. :D
      • [ – ] _Stealth_ parent reply Yeah, but would have been nice
        • [ – ] BeybladeGalaxy parent reply Plus it's a very cheap accessory, so we can buy 3 or 4 of these and it's all fine! xD
          • [ – ] _Stealth_ parent reply You’re actually right xD But having like 3 or 4 of these tools is a bit like a worst of space
            • [ – ] BeybladeGalaxy parent reply Better than having one billion Hasbro Launchers, as we had back in Metal Fight era. LOL The tools can be very useful, and they don't take that much of space, you can also leave them at home e carry a little bag with only the chips. :D
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