Out & About in St. Louis! – Southwest & rental cars (Pt. 1 of ?) | Woodrow “Cool Foot” Willis' Travels 🛩️🚂🛣️

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  • [ – ] LloydandJD reply I have never been to St. Louis, safe travels, looking forward to the subsequent parts!
    • MUMS-Universe parent reply Thank you. St. Louis is a pretty cool spot. It was my 1st time there (went once as a child but don't remember) & now I want to go back. I ate way too much good BBQ while I was there. Lol Posted the 2nd part of The Lou (see, it's like I'm from there. Lol) vid this evening.
  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply Safe travels my friend...
  • [ – ] frawstakwa reply Originally from Chicago, I’m sure you’ll have a great time there...
    • [ – ] MUMS-Universe parent reply It's a good city & I'm originally from there too but wasn't raised there. Between the family & friends there it's always nice when I'm able to get out that way.
  • frawstakwa reply I’ve been through St Louis before, but so long ago that I can’t even remember...
  • [ – ] TiberiusJones reply Pretty cool video. Can't wait to hear the story about your neck 😊
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Can't wait to see the food! Glad you had a pleasant flight neighbor.
    • MUMS-Universe parent reply Thank you @AmandaFood. 😊 It was really nice. Good convo, no upset babies, pretty vistas, & no turbulence.
  • [ – ] TheBrewMonks reply That "thing" on your neck lol.. can't wait to find out the story behind that one! lol
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