Nigel Cucks Out

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  • Auceza reply You have to compromise in politics, MW. You need majorities. The important point is not to sellout. Don't be too strict. Nigel did a good job. And he is pretty honest. From time to time he can't do and say the things he likes to do and he likes to say.
  • Wolfskinz reply Ukip became irrelevant post brexit
  • RDSHorizon reply Wishing there weren't any non white/non Britons of pure british lineage is the biggest flaw in your argument. Minimising immigration should be the first step
  • Auceza reply Ukip is the same in many aspects like the German AfD. Yes, they are cucks in some way and dream of the "old good" times. They don't get the "real" problems. You are too early with your thoughts. The majority of the people don't want to see or can't see the big dangers and the giant destruction which are on the way. Multiculti means the destruction of societies. And you needn't to be a racist to understand this. Even if everyone is nice and smart and good hearted the many, many cultural differences will again and again lead to terrible missunderstandings and brutal conflicts. Too much is too much. A lot of people still are too indoctrinated to grasp that diversity is divisive at the end and leads to endless conflicts and not to peace and harmony.
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