Crazy stupid excessive packaging

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  • JustABloke reply hahaha best unboxing ever .. crazy fucking stupid !!!!!
  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply Lol!! It IS rediculous how much packing they put in boxes and what huge boxes they use for such tiny products. Then again, on the flip side, you have me, who ordered 4 craft beers that were packed to the nine, fragile, handle with care stickers all over the box, and the FedEx morons still managed to break it. Didn't even make it to my house. You reminded a lot of Marzbar Vlogs (Alex Brooks) the way you unboxed it. Especially dropping the box on the table and hitting the table. He always makes me cringe, afraid he's going to damage the product before he even gets it open. 😂
  • Orginaljun reply Unless you are shipping with upc/ kiala some people will throw with the boxes, still its a waste of packaging, it could easily make a small enough box to send it through the mailbox. Bad management at the company i think.
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