Anime Truth #33p: Build-up & Follow-up

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  • [ – ] HikaruShidou reply Just watched the finale and I have to say the second half of the season wasn’t as good as the first half. The ending was rushed, it would have been better if they made 26 episodes instead of just 24. Because of this many things happened off screen and were left out. Many people were always bitching about the show every week and calling it a train wreck because they are idiots. This show is way better than the usual garbage we get every season. And the ending scene gets my hopes up for a third season.
    • [ – ] Natanahel parent reply The ending was anti-climatic and let's hope there's material to justify a 3rd season.
      • HikaruShidou parent reply It was indeed. I would have loved to see a proper backstory of Charioce and Nina as well instead of lazy infodumbs and little flashback scenes.
  • [ – ] Ryuzar reply That's good to know. I mean the new stuff. They called this show a train wreck. They didn't like the how the plot twist plays out.
  • BANANMANX47 reply ..... :) .....
  • Feli1 reply while not horrible I consider it a downgrade from the first season the MC of this season doesn't carry out the charm and quirkiness of the first and even when they show up in the second season they are also downgraded I also didn't like how they tried to make us feel for a certain returning character when back in the first season he was a completely different person all in all still enjoyable while slightly more flawed hopefully if a continuation is a thing they would fix at least some of those problems
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