German Election - Aftermath

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  • [ – ] Reksio reply Yes you are right we in Eastern Europe V4 remember communism well. We do not fall for false promises of propaganda dream world. Probably Eastern Germany learn their lesson as well.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply I think they know about the dangers of communism/socialism. In Western Europe, Communism is always romanticized by the left. Communism has never worked and will never work. Communist countries are hellholes, like North Korea, for example. And the communist Chinese dictatorship is not much better either.
  • [ – ] shelbymustang reply Your next video will be number "666" sign of the careful!
  • [ – ] hanes reply "Punch a Nazi", that's a u.s. Antifa meme. This shithead is implying the AFD are Nazis, needing to be punched.
  • [ – ] jgibbon61 reply Did Petry win a seat in the election? If she did will she keep that seat?
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply She won a direct mandate. So she will keep her seat (and the money), but will not represent the AfD anymore. She won large numbers of votes, because people, including myself, believed in her. I have no clue what her plans are. Whether she will try to found a new party, or whether she will switch to another party, or just be an independant politician without any party membership. She left the AfD, before getting kicked out by the party.
      • jgibbon61 parent reply I watched some of her speeches and I liked what she had to say, but not trying to be too harsh, but her personal life shows she might have issues with loyalty.
      • hanes parent reply That's chicken-shit of her to ride in on the AFD wave to power, then tell them to Fuck off. Outrageous
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