(ENDED) FREE Game Alert - Original Fallout (Steam) 30th Sep ONLY

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  • [ – ] WoWzerGamer reply As soon as I saw "Fallout" Free on Steam" I went and started downloading. 😁 Nice Video, thanks!
    • [ – ] LowBudgetGaming parent reply I have just downloaded this as well, never played this before so curious to see how it all started :)
      • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply I've played it before..But, LOL...i always ran out of time, never finding that water-supply thingy.
        • [ – ] LowBudgetGaming parent reply My main PC is toast right now(power supply blew up a few days ago), so I am currently on a toaster so will try this out since even a potato should run it.
          • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply My main pc was purpose-built as a cheap headless minecraft server .. "toaster" is relative :D ..my desktop looks like this https://imgur.com/a/LGgCm :D #Linux #Lubuntu #fluxbox
            • [ – ] LowBudgetGaming parent reply I tried Linux a while back, spent like 3 days without sleeping just learning everything I could about some of the distros. I had some old laptops back then and I wanted to get more performance out of them. I remember using a few really small ones, puppylinus,tinyme etc. Even had dual boot on my pc with Ubuntu but hardly ever used it because I am mostly a gamer and rarely used it after the initial excitement. But it was very good at giving life to old system, I had a pentium II laptop and it was so much better with puppylinux, although getting the sound to work was a pain.
              • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply Most popular desktop distros i think are Debian based. So it really doesn't matter that much which one chooses. Ubuntu is Debian based, and Mint is Ubuntu based. ..The real difference when being new to Linux, is the desktop/session/window manager..Which you can usually pick and choose between.
                • [ – ] LowBudgetGaming parent reply So how is Linux for gaming these days ? When I tried it about 8-9 years ago that was pretty much the main reason I couldn't fully convert even though I was obsessed with Linux for a short while.
                  • Herringchoker parent reply Much of the progress might be thanks to Valve/Steam itself.. "Linux is the future of Gaming" - Gabe Newell (2013) https://youtu.be/rCGMiT0CQAI
                  • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply A bit better than 8-9 years ago..to put it mildy :D https://steamdb.info/linux/
                    • [ – ] LowBudgetGaming parent reply So do you use Linux because you need it for work or something or is it just personal preference. Do you game on console ?
                      • Herringchoker parent reply I'd also like to make the point that it's beneficial for developers not having customers needing to pay their shirt off for an operating system that is able to run the developed software.. EA, greedy as they are, are wierd that way..
                      • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply Lol..You're asking for a lenghty answer here :D I used Windows until Vista..Which i bought just to get DirectX10 games running. Prior to that, i did have Linux machines running at home, but never as main computer. They were just used as servers in a rack. But Windows, and Microsoft have become ridiculous.. I personally believe that Microsoft no longer care. They are selling a game-running framework. Basically they are selling DirectX versions MS seemingly have NO idea or direction to where to take their Windows OS next... From XP to Win10 is like a blind man crawling about in the dark. https://betanews.com/2016/04/24/windows-10-linux-subsystem/https://betanews.com/2016/04/24/windows-10-linux-subsystem/ should make my point. I do have an Xbox One console, that was given to me. But that is all Microsoft have become to me; A console developer.. I do not hate or despise Windows, in any way. I've just found Linux to be much better..And much cheaper :)
                        • [ – ] LowBudgetGaming parent reply Yeah I know what you mean, the reason I started looking into Linux was partly because of Vista, I was happy with XP but Vista was annoying. So basically I skipped Vista and used XP a bit longer, then jumped to Windows 7 in 2011. Still using it. Back then I used to fix people's computers so couldn't really get away from it and also because I wanted to game but couldn't afford a console and also because some games are not on consoles. I have just ordered a Ryzen 5 1600 as an upgrade and so I will have to get Windows 10 now. Having been watching a few videos about the bad stuff and how to sort out things like all the spying stuff that Microsoft puts in Windows 10 by default and how to disable them.
                          • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply There was nothing stopping MS from releasing DirectX10 for XP ..Absolutely nothing.. :(
                            • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2007/04/project-aims-to-bring-dx10-gaming-to-xp-linux-os-x/
                              • [ – ] LowBudgetGaming parent reply Yeah XP was perfect, well after service pack 2, I really struggled with the transition. Initially I looked for ways to make 7 more like XP but with no real alternative you give up and get used to it I guess.
                                • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply XP 64bit edition was quite terrible in compatibilty..But they could've fixed that..Or at least kept what was good about XP..
                                  • [ – ] LowBudgetGaming parent reply Only ever used the 32bit version but yeah heard that it wasn't great. Had an Amd Athlon with 1GB of Ram back in 2003. That thing was still running up until last year.
                                    • Herringchoker parent reply It all boils down to "redundacy"..If they don't have to fix it, and can sell something new...Until they can't any longer..They will do it..
                        • Herringchoker parent reply I think of the mistakes MS did, was touting DirectX instead of following e.g OpenGL ...The power that will always trump closed proprietary systems is the ability for anyone to innovate FREELY.. Even former MS employees agrees https://youtu.be/xTmAknUbpB0
                • Herringchoker parent reply Example, I use #Lubuntu (Lightweight Ubuntu distro), that orignally has this desktop http://lubuntu.me/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/lubuntu.png ...But, to make it even more lightweight, i simply installed the #Fluxbox environment.
              • Herringchoker parent reply For an easy "windows like" entry, Linux Mint with MATE desktop, is highly recomendable. It's more familiar i think than a lot of other desktop environments. https://www.linuxmint.com/rel_sarah_mate_whatsnew.php
  • [ – ] OleCrankyGamer reply All I had to do was wait for my plythrough for 2 months? Oh well, I got the whole series for a good deal in Summer Sale, can't complain
    • [ – ] LowBudgetGaming parent reply This sort of this has happened a few times to me recently. In the last few months I ended up buying games that became free soon afterwards.
  • TrueSilverWolf reply Nice, I've been wanting to try this game for a while.
  • [ – ] AurumDelSol reply Pretty cool game though i got into fallout late (fallout 3) so i think there is too much difference between the original and its sequels for me to fully enjoy it. That's being said it's always nice to appreciate where games came from
  • [ – ] Herringchoker reply You should consider using e.g a tag like #freegames or #FreeGameAlert on these videoes :D
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