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  • AvalancheOne reply You guys are definitely ahead of the curve, the strategy is to nurture the community growing around you, the end card is a small humble start. The focus needs to absolutely be on getting those super fans one by one, little interactions that means a lot to people. You never know whos going to discover your channel. You just picked up a UNM student working in the cannabis industry doing social media for some dispensaries. The right people will start to catch wind of your project. Good luck! Ride the wave into success, it's going to be a grind and hard hard work but, 3 years from now you'll look down from the Ivory tower and chuckle at the fun you just had excited for the next adventure.
  • [ – ] duffy reply thanks for sharing the good news about channel subs guys!
    • JennyFedora parent reply Now let's see if anyone is willing to take us up on the offer! I think we're the first creators that are offering something in exchange for the Monthly Subscription at this point.
  • [ – ] insaneonthemembrane reply This is a bargain but is a twelve month contract in case my income changes?
    • JennyFedora parent reply The $2 is billed monthly at the beginning of the month by the Vidme subscription. People have cancelled after a month in the past. As long as you're subscribed, we'll get a person on the end card of the podcast ASAP.
  • [ – ] hockeyknight reply Cool group you've got here. I noticed all the Funko dolls siting out. What do you like about them? I have only 4, but that is because I've collected only the characters that are my favorite.
    • JennyFedora parent reply So @BossPander likes to collect them and we have to acquiesce to her whims. Heisenberg would be onset even if we didn't collect the figures because Breaking Bad is part of Albuquerque and because @BossPander was in the show for a couple of seasons as an extra.
  • [ – ] GunDoctorTV reply Have you reached 100 yet?
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