I really wish I could work on videos today.

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Poor computer! A sick computer is a terrible thing. I rely on mine for so much. I'd be lost without it. I hope you keep good backups on your data. I wish you well with it!
    • bowgallery parent reply Not everything is backed up. About two weeks worth of stuff So I'm hoping it's not as bad as I think it is. So crossing fingers.
  • [ – ] LoreReloaded reply Ugh, yea I hate it when the computer goes down.. those things aren't cheap ;/
    • bowgallery parent reply Hopefully if it's what I think it is it might not cost as much to fix it. But I'm going to be so behind on projects :(
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Computers are such a wonderful tool and once you have a problem you realise just how much you depend on it. Hoping it's an easy fix and wishing you all the best. We will still be here when you get back :-)
    • bowgallery parent reply Thank you for saying that. It's not exactly that I made any promises exactly but I try my best to have a schedule. but I feel bad when things like this happen. I always feel like I have to explain myself. Crossing fingers everything will be fixed by the weekend.
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