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  • [ – ] temporalmix reply If you're in a creative rut, just rip off Casey Neistat lol.
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply That's a creator's challenge. It's a stepping stone towards improvement. :D
  • [ – ] EmPurRawr reply i went into a creative slump for years now after 5 years of purchasing equipment, i finally know what type of content ima make and stuff, its kinda crazy
  • [ – ] StefanJenkins reply I love this kind of stuff hang in there Bro smash that creative Block with a sledgehammer. Small Tip can you zoom the camera out a bit so your whole head is the Video?
  • [ – ] D1ckyPr05T41nt reply I'm glad to see you're still making videos. You've been an inspiration to quite a few people on this site.
  • [ – ] ggomezz reply that gonzaga game was real tough man. they'll get 'em next year!
  • [ – ] Chaos reply hang in there man!
  • [ – ] 123-Proverb-Monkey reply Encouraging video! Thanks!
  • [ – ] KotaTail reply This is what I need to know about because I'm on creative block constantly. 😂😂
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Sorry to hear Gonzaga lost, but on a positive note they went further than ever before. On slumps I have too many things that I'm interested in so for example if I'm slacking on my Japanese studying I go practice my shooting with my bow. I tend to have streaks of motivation to do something but when I'm feeling burnt out I just move onto the next thing to keep me busy. If I focused more I might get better at one thing quicker but it's more entertaining to have an eclectic range.
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Yeah it was a major bummer, but when put in perspective it was incredible compared to anything else we have ever done. I agree with having a lot of hobbies and interests. That's the thing about my vlogs that I think keeps me motivated. Even though they are all the same thing (a vlog) they are all different and unique in their own ways
  • [ – ] JessicaMartwin reply Night classes are the worst. I have class from 5-8 on Wednesdays and I hate it. Anyway, nice vlog today.
    • danielamann parent reply First semester I've ever taken one, and it's because it was the only option. Would not recommend to anyone who would rather have their evenings off
  • [ – ] KNTChickens reply Gonzaga has such a beautiful campus
  • [ – ] scottwebb reply I wouldn't say I've been in a 'Creative Rut' but I've had to step back because of other stuff I had to put focus on. Mainly focus on dealing with depression and insane fatigue all around. Perhaps the ultimate burnout. I am still working on it all but trying not to rush back on a bunch of things.
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply I think that is the right approach! Don't rush it, just go for it at your pace man!
      • scottwebb parent reply It's really tough for me. Want to create and share things for people. I'm that full-tilt kind of person. All or nothing. Bipolar makes sense. Still trying to find the place where it is managable and balanced. I def know more vlogs could be done without this big project of mine for a client. But it seems like it should wrap up soon! I can't even wait to share more about it in a future video.
  • [ – ] demonkiller99 reply This works a lot
  • xDIZOx reply This was a very inspirational Video it put alot of things in my life into perspective. great vlogs
  • AdjacentColors reply I wrote about this:
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