Australia adopts the Swedish model of 'Accommodation'

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  • Forestal reply Chiang Kai Shek "accomodated" the Japanese invasion/ annexation of North-east China to concentrate on fighting the Chinese Communist Party; so I guess Australia is accomodating Islam in order to concentrate on fighting the patriachy of cis-white-heteronormative males... so when's the "Anschluss"?
  • OnlyUltimate reply Great video!
  • [ – ] Velian reply When I saw that Canada fined some bloke for receiving a $12,000 fine for not taking off his shoes and entering a prayer space in a building he owned, it got me properly upset for Canada. The fact this sort of stuff is slowly filtering into our home, Australia, is just sickening and it needs to stop before it becomes worse. 'Special Needs' as a term is insulting to use for these sorts of people. It's implicit of a handicap, and religion is a choice.
    • Velian parent reply -edit- "Some bloke received a fine for $12,000"; not he got a fine for a fine. You know what I mean.
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