Freeze Tag Rejection (Ft. Laddi)

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply It hurts to be rejected. The part that makes it hurt isn't that the other person rejected us, it's that at some level we agreed with the rejection, thus rejecting ourselves and causing the true pain. If we truly disagree with the other person, then we couldn't care what they think, and no pain. So every time we are truly hurt by another emotionally, it is because they are mirroring beliefs we already hold about ourselves. Nobody teaches us these things, so we continue to feel abused by the world when in fact we are only being abused by ourselves. See what you did? You got me thinking. Good job!
    • TheAMaazing parent reply Damn, I honestly have to agree with your assessment. unfortunately I don't think there is an alternative solution. I mean, how can we prepare people for what may come in life, yaknow? To get hurt by others, I believe, is essential for us to grow and develop as individuals honestly
  • [ – ] Mewwn reply You slippery eel!
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