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  • [ – ] AmandaAnderson_1 reply Well you don't see many men in spas or cutting hair or doing nails. Women and men are more adapt to different things. There isn't a bias there is just lack of participation. Females are pushed towards the arts unless they are exceptional like my youngest. She is very adapt to mathematics and therefore insanely talented in music. She would thrive in the competitive area of tech and STEM. Her sister is the opposite and is more adapt to the traditional role of Arts and Literature. The younger is less emotional which I believe plays a big part in logical thinking and computing skills. If women don't compete then there is going to be a gap. It's very simple they create their own bias.
    • SirRidealot parent reply Ladies do very well in graphic design. There are a lot of them there. In computer tech it is a rare gem. There are a lot of man in tech. By far not all of them are good at it... We would welcome women in our team. If we could find them. Most got psychology degrees. In software development it is very rare, and one has to have a thick skin when it comes to criticism. Nobody likes to be responsible for a bug or a security hole in their code. It hurts the ego. So one has to learn to put that aside, and well, men up. Not to run to the HR department and complain that one is being discriminated. Equality, well, it is a two way street. :)
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